For me, "social distancing" is a candidate for the worst word of the year because it totally puts the wrong emphasis. The most important thing we actually need to flatten the curve is physical distancing.

Please do not distance socially and do not isolate yourselves or others. Keep socialising remotely, stay in contact, look for and update each other. Especially if times get harder. Thank you.

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Anti-Viren-Software wird nun immer öfter "Endpoint Security" genannt. Schlangenöl bleibt allerdings Schlangenöl - die Bezeichnung spielt keine Rolle.

#2280 "2010 and 2020" 

2030: "I just bought a house for one bitcoin. No, it's the equivalent of a dollar. Houses are often transferred for a nominal fee because the buyer is taking responsibility for containing the holo-banshees in the attic."

hygiene • please wash your hands! 🧼 

There's also this set of comparison images taken under ultraviolet. Ultraviolet (UV-A specifically) doesn't actually show bacteria or viruses, but it does show things like bodily fluids which harbour them. Viruses can survive quite easily in these environments.

Basically, washing your hands for around 30 seconds with soap makes a dramatic difference compared with just a quick rinse and shake.

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